The White Glove Service

We are thrilled to roll out a new concierge service to members of our association - we call it "The White Glove Service". Since the launch of the new site we have had a large increase in rental requests and we thought what better way to continue to serve our customers than with a full service experience. 
This is very exciting news! Now that spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner its RV rental season and we want to offer you the opportunity to upgrade your service with us. We have heard that for some of you going back and forth with the different renters and handling all the calls can be burdensome. If this is you, want to offer the opportunity to upgrade your current service option to our new WHITE GLOVE service. 

The White Glove Service includes: 

  • We will point additional traffic to your listing.
  • We will gift wrap the rental for you, the owner.
  • We will make sure every rental has proper insurance in place.
  • We will manage your calendar, initial communication, handle negotiations, make the reservations, collect payments, and provide the rental documents.
  • A dedicated professional sales team that has been doing this for 15 years will be there to handle any questions prior, during or after each rental.
  • You receive a higher success rate for rentals.
  • There is less hassle for you.
  • The transactions will be smoother.
  • There will be more money back in your pockets. 

As an owner, all you will be responsible for is scheduling the pickup/return, pre-rental RV prep and in-travel check-ins. We will handle the rest! 

Email us at to upgrade your service.